1982 HONDA CR80

1980 HONDA CR 80

This was my first motorcycle. I started riding BMX when I was four years old in the drive way just off Martin Ave in Omaha, NE. A brand new 1980 HONDA CR 80 left on the show room floor for a couple years. Purchased in Omaha, NE from RAMER MOTORS!

To my understanding this bike is fully restored to this day and is a red rocket of a bike! The first time I got to ride it was on our property, an area about the size of a football field, which was divided by a barbed wire fence. I got on it let out the clutch and was off to having an amazing experience, right until the power band kicked in and I held the throttle wide open until I hit the fence and bounced off like a rubber band. I was unhurt the bike was wrapped up in the fence worse then old Christmas tree lights. MORE...

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