My first race was on a bmx bike in Blair, Nebraska during the Farma Rama Days around 1981. In 1982 would get my first motorcycle, a 1980 Honda CR80, left over on the show room floor. Then would race until 1985 on minis. After that, would quit racing to pursue baseball until 1992 where I'd resume racing motocross on left over 1991 Suzuki RM125. I'd progress to get my pro/am license in 1993-1995 racing locally, regionally, and some national races.

After a three or four year lay off of motocross would take up karting and race from 1999-2003 at the top level in the USA, racing some nationals, under the WKA and SKUSA organizations.

The purpose of this site is two fold one to Put God First and second to help you succeed in life; especially in the racing division. We will bring balance to your life by focusing on information that breeds a balanced lifestyle one without having idols such as racing or money.

Let's truly enjoy life! From the hobby up to the profession of racing. You can make it happen!

We will dive into all kinds of subjects. Nothing to taboo to discuss here. From politics to racing tips. We aren't afraid to take on the meatier subjects of life. We hope you enjoy your time here and in the end the important part is to WIN THE RACE OF LIFE!

Motocross & Karting

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Welcome to the new pgfracing layout and design we hope to have new info stories at least six days a week so tune back in every day for the latest news, stories, and tips for a better life and quicker lap times. Thanks for visiting. God Speed! - Author Rob Hogenmiller


When exiting the corners steer away from the inside of the corner as you exit this will increase your exit speed!

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Get on the Body For Life program by Bill Phillips back in the 1990s. It's going to get the body mind and spirit aligned. With improved track results. You got this!


Get involved in your local school board can make the biggest difference more so then your vote maybe....?


LORD keep us safe and protect us as we travel on and off the track, no matter what role we play in assisting our team efforts and help uplift our spirit no matter our results. - IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

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