Welcome to PGFracing. Yesterday we talked about fear and ambition. Why do they say fear keeps us from our dreams? They say we are more fearful in succeeding then failing.

One way to over come fear is face the fear and go for it. Another is to ask for help from someone that has already done what you want to do. Find a mentor, watch a video on someone that is already succeeding, or read book about the subject. Whatever you do don't wait for tomorrow. Today is all we have!

What's your next step, what is your goal, plan and action....? Remember to write it down as you can come back to your list and see if you need to reevaluate it or just cross it off if you succeeded.

Never give up. Keep moving forward. As they say when you get knocked down are you going to stay down or get up. Think of this mentally: are you going to stay down in the dumps or have a positive attitude even when.....

Today's Tip - Attitude

Keeping a positive attitude or mental frame of mind can make the difference between tucking your tail and heading home; compared to shining bright and standing out!