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Mission statement: To share the gift of eternal life that Jesus Christ offers.
Go after dreams and accomplish them! Be thankful and enjoy life. Much love!

What do you want most out of life?

Write a list down and cross them off as you accomplish them.

My ToP ThReE!

1. Share Truth 2. 10 Min Mile Run Decreased To 7 Minutes 3. Race Again

PGFRACING, (Put God First Racing). Serves as a reminder to myself that racing used to be my god, and I didn't realize that we have a true creator, the God of the Bible who made the heavens, earth, everything seen and unseen. He loves us & wants the best for us!

God's mercy, grace and miracles convinced me that the God of the Bible is TRUTH!

Rock Island Grand Prix 2002 Indoor Karting 2000's Joes Indoor Karting
Battling health problems on an off over the years have made making a solid income as an adult challenging. However have never given up on my family, myself and racing. My son always wanted to race growing up and eventually we would buy my son a dirtbike in 2016 and teach him how to ride a motorcycle. Up to this point we have not went motocross racing since I retired in 1996.
Outgrowing the TTR-125 bike / we sold it. It was a great experience teaching him how to ride and nerve racking. I'm not sure how my parents ever let me do all the racing and crashing I did. Breaking my wrist a couple times, broken femur, broken ankle... all requiring major surgery. Thank God my son listened to my advice and only had a couple small crashes and no broken bones.
Son Styling It Out
Healing from a broken wrist in 1994, still wearing a cast on the throttle hand, practicing in the backyard, couldn't do jumps so just focused on creating new lines and working on cornering techniques. The helmets my dad painted and were clear coated by a gentleman out of Omaha, who mainly painted Porsche vehicles.
I designed a supercross track and had it built for around $800 by a gentleman out of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska with a bulldozer. Having your own track makes a big difference if you want to compete at the high levels of racing these days. Also the Honda bikes were amazing box stock in the 90's. I didn't have any engine mods other then a pipe and silencer.
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