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Let us get started now. There are basically three steps to a successful life. Action, belief and choice. The key to understanding the ABC's of life is utilizing first century or original reading style from right to left.

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A lot of people say they can't figure out what their purpose is. Let's just say we don't have a vision right now. Here is one quick way to find our purpose or goal. Let's say we have one year to live what would we like to accomplish in that year?

Maybe it's something you always wanted to do or it could be something completely different than you thought.

Got it locked in move on to step two - Believe!


Be a Lion and have the attitude that you are king or queen of the game of life and you can accomplish any thing that you set your mind to. Proverbs 4:23!

The time to change your life is now, you count, you are worthy, your life is under your control. Believe in you! So believe you can and you will!


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You are going to suffer in life it's not easy. Either you are going to feel entitled and suffer depression thinking about the past too much or have anxiety and worry about the future too much by not taking action. Or ....

Suffer in success doing what you are born to do!



The purpose of this site is two fold one to Put God First and second to help you succeed in life; especially in the racing division. We will bring balance to your life by focusing on information that breeds a balanced lifestyle one without having idols such as racing or money.

Let's truly enjoy life! From the hobby up to the profession of racing. You can make it happen!

We will dive into all kinds of subjects. Nothing to taboo to discuss here. From politics to racing tips. We aren't afraid to take on the meatier subjects of life. We hope you enjoy your time here and in the end the important part is to WIN THE RACE OF LIFE!

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Racing 101

Racing is about being quickest from the starting line to the finish line. Contrary to popular opinion it is not about going the fastest as the fastest does not always win. It is about getting the power down to the ground in force that propels you forward the quickest while maintaining the proper grip either turning or not.