Hi thank you for visiting PGFRACING, you'll be encouraged, sit back and relax and enjoy the creativity that is found in all of us.


Imagine breathing in the flower (pause/breathe) what do you smell? Do you feel the smooth fresh breeze..

Where do we find happinness is the age old question. Nearly everything outside of us will eventually fade away, and our bodies will fade away too. However our Spirit will live forever. Let's encourage each others Spirit, through Wisdom and Truth.

While I know not everyone believes the same because we are all so unique, or at times may I say myself included too rebellious or stubborn to hear the truth. The Word says faith comes by hearing.

You are more then capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Generally no one is going to give you a hand out, however be humbled enough to ask or study others for advice & wisdom.


Never give up until it's your time, there is a season for everything as the saying goes. LOVE U PGFRACING!

I've been involved for Bible studies for quite some time, there is nothing preventing us from drawing closer to God if we choose. My main goal is to encourage you to follow Christ, because I firmly believe that is where WE can have inner peace, joy and happinness!

If you'd like to know more about the truth just spend a moment quieting your mind and ask are YOU THERE if so I'd like some help to know the truth. I love whoever made me, everything/one seen and unseen.

I'd like to know more......