LOVE LIFE NEVER GIVE UP! No matter what; God loves you and wants the best for you! You can overcome anything that comes your way. Today is a new day for us to win the battle and come up on top. Take action make a list of what is bothering you the most and win, win, win, win!

Write down three things you'd like done in the next hour and start a timer and take 15 minutes of action on each of them can be a good way to get started if we're having a tough time getting the ball rolling. TURN THE PAGE

One very important factor I should have mentioned is that Jesus also came to become ALL sin.

He in form or fashion or possibly even literally became the snake (serpent) taking on all sin on the cross.

So that when the Father looks at us HE sees his Holy son Jesus took our place of sin and sees us as Holy!

John 3.14