The Yah (Good) Life

Getting right with Yah is the essential to a decent and proper life on earth. Having a good relationship with your creator can help you live longer, happier and have more influence with those around you.

I heard the other day we all want to know what God's plan for our life? . To sum it up in my own words God's plan in our life is to partner with Him let him guide us and be willing to let him lead. This can be scary at times and we may fear to trust in God that we might lose ourselves. Taking the dive into the water of Christ will be good for us as He will renew our strength. A couple verses are 1 Cor 2:20 and Isa 40:31. Christ summed up a good or proper life as love God and love your neighbor. Return to the front page to find your abundant life.

Want to know more about what it's like to live for God or have a life that honors God. No matter what you do you can honor God for the most part, whether your a child, teen, middle aged, or elderly living a life for God means doing your best for yourself, those around you. When you live at your best you can give the glory to God. Now sinning doesn't glorify God hence why I say the most part. God will never treat you wrong. Sometimes we may not feel God is working in our lives. He definitely is working in all our lives and is always one thought away or cry away He is patiently waiting on you and wooing you to him. Just ask for His help sincerely.

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