Welcome to PGFracing web design, a.k.a Rob Hogenmiller. I previously used Dreamweaver to make websites and am now do hard code. This way I can better understand and make useful, good looking and easy to navigate websites. Hence why you are here. Advantages with doing business with me is. I will help you get a website up that is easy to navigate, good looking and uses simple code that if you are to upgrade to a Full Stack Developer they will be able to take my front end design, the creation of your web page or the improvement of your current site.

I offer consulting to improve the look of your website, the speed of your website, and the ease of use of your website.

I also used to dabble in Pro Motocross in my twenties. Now in my forties. I have made a few successful websites, such as NationalKarting.com which no longer exists. It did have about 30,000 unique visitors a month. I've also maintained and designed a website for an Indoor Karting facility. Below you will see some of my work. I hope you enjoy it. Currently I am going through the FreeCodeCamp website to learn how to make websites better and hopefully iPhone App development.

I like simple looking websites with nice art that are easy to navigate. I'm not much of graphic artist. I prefer modern vs a classic look although opinions vary and willing to get a product that suits your tastes the best.

Coming Soon - Lord Willing

Check out the PGFracing.com front page to see my capabilities. If on mobile scroll to the bottom.