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Second Coming Verses

  1. Passages such as 2Thes 2.2 indicate that the apostles and other believers believed Christ would be returning in there life time.
  2. Mat 16.28 some want to say this is talking about the mount of transformation, however the previous verse Mat 16.27 gives the context of judgment.
  3. 2Thes 2.7 Paul says in approximately 52AD that the antichrist (the lawless one) was about to revealed after the ruler NOW, Claudius, is taken out of the way. Nero was next.
  4. 1Jn 2.18 John tells us not only are we in the last days we are now in the last hour of the last days. Written around 64AD . NASB version.
  5. All Of Matthew 24 and Mat 24.34-35 Christ says that all things including his second coming and the passing of Heaven and Earth will pass away in this generation.
  6. Mat 5.18 Since we see that Heaven and Earth passed away the law faded passed away Heb 8.13 If the second coming is still to come and heaven and earth have not passed away then we should still be doing all of the law written in the Old Testament.
  7. Rev 1.1 Tells us that the things prophesied are to come to pass or happen shortly, not 2,000 years later and still waiting.
  8. Rev 11.2 Temple Still Standing
  9. Rev 13.18 Only Nero Fits This Description of Both 666 and 616
  10. Mat 12.41-42 Christ tells us that men of Nineveh and the queen of the south are going to be resurrected in this generation to judge this generation.
  11. Jesus said to the High Priest he would see the Son of Man coming in the clouds. Mat 26.64
  12. Mar 8.38 Christ specifically says it will be this generation that is judged at the second coming.
  13. Mar 9.1 Christ said there are some standing here that will be alive at the second coming.
  14. All of Mark 13 Mar 13.29-30 When YOU will see these things. This generation.
  15. Luk 9.26-27 Some standing here which will not taste death until the second coming and judgement comes.
  16. Luk 17.37 The bodies would be gathered at the second coming 70AD the eagles were eating the bodies. Rev 19.17-18 Finishing it off Christ says this would happen speedily not some 2,000 years later. Luk 18.8
  17. Luk 21.20-22 When Jerusalem was surrounded by the Roman army in 70AD this would be the Day of The Lord when vengeance would come on Jerusalem or the chosen people who rebelled against God.
  18. Luk 23.28-30 Jesus again as his standard has been says these things are for that generation. Weep for yourself and your children. Not us in the year 2000. We weep no more. Isa 30.19
  19. Joh 14.15-21 Jesus tells us that we will not see him, but that when we accept him into our life he comes and dwells with us.
  20. Luk 17.20 The kingdom of God a.k.a. the second coming Christ mentioned (Mar 9.1) does not come with observation that you literally see Christ on earth reigning in a physical kingdom.
  21. Joh 16.32-33 Even though we are not with Christ now and our scattered all over the earth we have our peace in Christ. The disciples did not leave Christ alone. Christ is with the Father in Heaven now and when they died and when we die we also get to go to heaven with the Father and the Holy One Of Israel.
  22. Rom 9.28 Paul tells us God is going to make short work of the earth and the unrighteous not take 2,000 years into our time.
  23. Rom 13.11 The Day Of The Lord or the second coming Paul says is near, not far off in the future, he says it is at hand. 1 Thes 5.2 1 The 5.9
  24. Rom 16:20 Satan would be bruised/crushed in their generation shortly not our generation or some future generation.
  25. 1Co 4.5 Paul tells Christ second coming will make the dark light. We are living in enlightened times now since his second coming happened in 70AD. Paul tells reminds us he is in the last days or the last of times in 1Co 4.9
  26. 1Co 7.29-31 Paul tells us that the earth is going to be passing away soon not 2,000 years in the future.
  27. 1 Co 10.11 The end of the world came during their life time it’s not some future event that is going to come in our life time.
  28. 1 Co 15.51-52 In line with all of the New Testament, their salvation was to come at the second coming and he straight up tells you some of them as mentioned in the previous verses stated (some) would be alive when that time comes (Some will not sleep). When Christ came in 70AD they received their salvation and they put on their immortality and they would never die even when they eventually died their first death just like we will when we die we will go instantly go to be with the Lord.
  29. Heb 8.13 The Old Covenant was fading away, even though it started at his crucifixion and resurrection God allowed for a 40 year transition period for it to fade away and was finalized with the destruction of the temple to make sure the sacrifices and the old sacrificial system was ended not that sacrifices were ended. Now our lips offer praises of sacrifice and we our a living sacrifice. If you believe that he hasn’t returned yet then you should be observing all of the Old Covenant laws still. Mat 5.17-18
  30. Heb 10.37 Some people say Christ has delayed (tarry) his coming even though we see in the above verses he would be coming shortly some teach today that he would delay his coming. They say things a day is like a thousand years therefore it’s just been a couple days, however Paul tells us he does not delay and he was coming shortly.
  31. Heb 12.26-27 It’s often thought that the New Heavens and New Earth are where heaven are and there will be no marriage or no sin. Hebrews tells us the earth will remain. The New Heavens and New Earth are the New Church Or New Testament Church and the Old Covenant has passed away in 70AD.
  32. Jesus tells John that he will be alive when he returns the second time. Joh 21.22-23
  33. In Numbers 24.17 the prophecy of Christ is over a 1,500 years a away and we are told the first coming is not near. However in James 5.7-8 we are told the second coming is near and it's already been nearly 2,000 years since his first coming. If we are to believe the words near mean the same thing throughout the Bible we must conclude one of four things. 1. The Bible contradicts itself 2. Jesus lied and the disciples lied. 3. The Bible is not true. 4. Jesus second coming was near and happened in the 1st century. The fourth of these makes the most sense.
  34. Rev 22.10 John wrote Revelation around 64AD and again they were told and when we read it must understand that Revelation was not sealed everything written in the Bible was shortly to come, not 2,000 years later in our time.