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Project 1 Make a Web Page - Lesson 1

This is a basic web page. Below in bold is what the code looks like.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>100 HTML / CSS Projects</title>
<h1>Project 1 Make a Web Page</h1>
<p>This is a basic web page here is what the code looks like.</p>

Line 1 - !Doctype html declares that it is an HTML 5 standard (and you need to begin with < and end with > on this line.)
Line 2 - html defines that what comes after is html declartion is html code.
Line 3 - The head is where information about your website is relayed to sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Line 4 - The Title will show in your web broswer the name of your web page. You'll notice it opens with title and closes with /title and again the < > are necessary exactly like it appears above.
Line 5 - This is the closing of the head, it shows that information about your web page should be contained inbetween the head and the /head closing.
Line 6 - After the Body tag you will now enter information that you want people to see, basically the information typed or entered between the body tags is going to be what shows in the web broswer when people view your page.
Line 7 - H1 is headline about your web page, this is option and is not required, H2, H3, H4 are the same type they just appear smaller to the web user.
Line 8 - P for paragraph is how you notate just like in english that your changing subjects or directions in your writing. In web design they are also used as just to put a space between your writing to make it more visually pleasing to the eye. If you just write one long web page it get s a little hard to read. Keep in mind every opening tag like p or body or html needs to close with /p or /body /html except for the Doctype on line 1
Line 9 - You are just closing the /html to let the computer know your web page is done, nothing should be typed after this line in your code.

There you have it your first simple web page in 9 lines of code.

You'll need to enter the code above in a text editor then save it as .html file then open the file in your favorite browswer and see what it looks like. Wala your an official coder change the text to fit your style.

This lesson includes html only.