100 Keys To Life

  1. Know God
  2. This page is in progress of being built. I will update it as I build it so you and I can experience the changes together. Each section will have a dedicated page. You will get a brief summary on the front page. Getting to know God is going to be the number one priority in life. I know some don't believe in the Bible. I know I didn't growing up however after much study I find it to check out. B.I.B.L.E = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Right now the links may take you to other pages or sites until I develop this site fully.

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  3. Get Healthy
  4. If your body isn't healthy then, you probably don't feel good or at your best. You are probably to tired and out of shape to experience life to the fullest. You are not going to be your best for yourself or for others. So getting your body healthy is going to be number two. Each page is going to give you more in depth on how to make these goals or points easier for you.

  5. Eat Cheap&Healthy
  6. A list of 100 foods to eat that are cheap and healthy. The grocery store you choose makes a big difference. If you have an Aldi’s I highly recommend it over Whole Food type pricing.

  7. Bills Get A Job
  8. If you already have a enough money to pay all your bills you might not need job, welfare and unemployment is not what I consider legit ways to pay your bills indefinitely those are intended to be step up to higher step and once you leave that lower step your feet move to a higher step you don't need that previous step. There are definitely those who deserve welfare indefinitely. Most of us probably don't have enough money to not work and pay all of our bills or debts. So get a job makes the top three list or create yourself a job that provides legal income is a must.

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  9. Stop Stress Be Fun
  10. Ya your blood pressure is high you're stressed you can't think straight it's time to loosen up and have some fun. That doesn't mean head straight to the bar and get plastered it means fun within reason. Find a hobby that you enjoy or something you can do with your family or kids something that puts a smile or laugh on your face . If you're always uptight it's time to take a break and just enjoy life maybe go for a walk get some peace or put on some meditation music.

  11. Organize Room
  12. I'm not big on cleanliness but when the room i spend the most time in is organized and neat I always feel better. So whatever room you spend the most time make it a priority to get clean and organized. You'll feel better about the day. Maybe set a reminder on your phone. The reminders app works great or use your calendar to set a reminder to clean your room and organize it once a week; always improving.

  13. Get Motivation
  14. We all need a little boost once a while; go ahead click the link and take a look at the video above. You'll be encouraged to have a better day and get motivated to win, improve and be the best you can be.

  15. Do That One Thing
  16. Now that you're hyped and motivated what's that one thing that you keep putting off that you haven't got done? Go ahead and get it done! Do stuff! Get stuff done! Just do it. All you have is today!

  17. Burnt/Overwhelmed
  18. Well after all that are you still feeling burned out and overwhelmed you may just need a little bit of a nap. So go ahead and take a five, fifteen, thirty minute nap; whatever you need or whatever you can get. Even just a little cat nap can help you feel that much better.

  19. Financial Control
  20. Budget budget budget many of us are spending more than we even make. We're heading for bankruptcy! So one of the best ways to see where you stand is to create a budget and I recommend the Daily Budget app.

  21. Learn From Others
  22. Be willing to learn from others you never know what they might have to say or offer and as the Word says don't think better of yourself over them. We can all learn from each other.

  23. Go For Dreams
  24. It's not to late to go after dreams. Maybe your number one dream might be to late if you wanted to be a professional football player and your forty-four now, but if you got a number two dream or even if your number one is possible for you go for it. A man without a vision is a dead man.

  25. Be Kind To Family
  26. You wouldn't be here if it weren't for your folks, your grandparents and family is one of the best parts of the life. If you have kids be patient with them and spend time with your family. Family is a blessing. (Well most of the time.) Lots of LOVE!

  27. Help Others = Give
  28. Giving your money is going to be probably the easiest way to help others. Whatever you can afford to help out others is great. That is after you provide for your family first though. If you can't afford to pay your bills you may need to work on your budget first. Better then money is your time and presence however that works out for you. Pray for God to show you favor of opportunity to help someone else, whether it's a word of encouragement or visiting someone who is sick. Lots of people could use your smile and time.

  29. Power of 21
  30. Find out the meaning of this verse. Matthew 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which lead unto life, and few there be that find it. One note about this verse is the previous verse or what is to the left of the gate keeps you from entering the gate, and the verse after or to the right of the gate is the other thing that keeps you from entering the gate. And no I'm not referring to playing Black Jack. Lots of Love - PGFracing!

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    I created a PGFRacing.com because I wanted to share things in my life that have helped me be a better person, serve as a reminder to myself on areas I need to improve on and to be source of income. I hope you find tips and ideas or at least just encouragement to be the best you can be!

  31. Paleo Low Carb
  32. Don't eat all meat, that's bad get your vegetables and get your fruits too. Try to limit yourself to fifty to hundred grams of carbohydrates a day. Healthy fats like avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, leafy green vegetables. And get a variety of vegetables and fruits. It sounds expensive if you use things like eggs as well can help bring your costs down.

  33. Exercise Heart
  34. It's good to break a sweat at least three times to four times a week. Or even just going for a walk just for fifteen to thirty minutes a day can make a big difference. One important thing to remember is if your at a desk job which a lot of America is these days is to get up and stand at least a couple times an hour.

  35. Don't Be Afraid
  36. Don't be afraid to try new things. Things that get you out of your comfort zone. My son suggested a motorcycle, you may not want to go that extreme. Maybe it's just as simple as talking to your boss for a raise. Or talking to someone about something that has been bothering you, but you've been to afraid to ruffle some feathers. Could it be something you've always wanted to try but have been just little to afraid to try or keep telling yourself next week I'll do it. I have a shirt that says everything you've ever wanted lies on the other side of fear.

  37. Join A Community
  38. Find like minded people. Whatever your hobby or passion find others to share it with. You can learn from each other. You will be able to get better at whatever you are wanting to accomplish in a shorter time with less headaches and stress. Hopefully you'll be able to share some of your insights as well.

  39. Be Patient
  40. Not everyone thinks the way we want. Let's do our best to have patience and understanding of our differences and embrace them. Different views and thoughts can lead to different ideas, new and creative ones. Sometimes we get frustrated because people don't want to do it our way. Let's give an opportunity to try new things.

  41. Count Blessings
  42. One by one count how blessed you are. God blesses us all and shines and rains on all of us. Give thanks for what He has done. Even things that seem to bother us give thanks for them as they are all pointing you in a direction towards God. Give thanks and see what the Lord will do.

  43. Decide Right
  44. This is going to be big. A lot of times we know the right thing to do whether that is exercise, eating right, stop smoking, spend within means, drink in moderation, or whatever we might be battling we know what to do. Or maybe we know what to do to get ahead in our business, but something holds us back we don't decide right or follow through on what we know to be true to do. If you know of a good insight to this contact me at Youtube channel PGFracing.

  45. End Excuses
  46. We can always have self pity. Someone said you can have power or you can have pity the choice is yours. We can comfort ourselves with our own pity or we can end the pity and become powerful.

  47. #1 Problem
  48. What is you number one problem? Write it down. Is it a toxic relationship, money problem, or health issue? Vow to take care of your number one problem in the next 180 days from now. Is it your attitude that needs to change? Whatever it is take care of it in the next 180 days. Do a 180 from where you are now.

  49. Pay Yourself
  50. Put 10% of your check away for retirement. Start as early as you can. You'll be thanking yourself later on this one. You put in all the work don't let it slip away on knick knacks and coffee. If you have 401k match or just a 401k pay yourself first. You won't miss 10%.

  51. Don't Get Stuck
  52. A lot of times we're not happy with our jobs or where were at so on your off time work on something else that's going to pay you. Something that's going to benefit you in the long run; where you can transition into getting yourself unstuck.

  53. Write Goals Down
  54. Put down what you would like to be or accomplish in the next week, month, 3 months, six months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, and 50 years. Review your list before you go to sleep.

  55. Take Action
  56. If you don't take a different action then what you've been doing things aren't going to change the way you want your life to be. Take a step towards your goal today.

  57. Reward Yourself
  58. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking action. Turn on your favorite song, call a friend, a couple chocolate chips, a cup of coffee, watch a Youtube video or whatever trips your trigger that will help you repeat another positive action.

  59. Be Persistent
  60. Just not giving up can make the difference between successful and average life. So if you get knocked down, don't be afraid to get up and try again. I currently pay about $30 a month to keep this site up and going. There is a free alternative program called Atom that I can maintain the site instead of Dreamweaver. However setting it up today took quite some time and I kept trying several options and the one I wanted was broke. I eventually found a fix, through persistence and will help save me $22 a month in the future. Stick with it persistence wins.

  61. Be Happy
  62. Being happy is an attitude. You can choose to be a happy or not. When you're happy things just seem to be a lot better. If you're having a tough time getting happy; jam to this song below. The Bible says choose life or choose death the choice is yours.

  63. Take Your Time
  64. We don't have to be in a rush to get things done. Enjoy the process and take your time and do your best. Quality over quantity wins out nearly every time. Every day is a step in the right direction as long as your working on yourself and the things that you need to get done.

  65. Listen To God
  66. God will gently talk to you either through a still small voice, through nature, people, or events in your life to help guide you and correct you. Be willing to listen to his correction or guidance it's OK to make a mistake just be willing to correct it and own your mistake.

  67. Honor Jesus
  68. Number 33 is in honor of Jesus Christ who I believe died around the age of 33. He truly is the way. He is a way of living and teaches you how to have true success in life. If you got God/Jesus on your side who can be against you the Bible says. Good to have a friend in Jesus.

  69. Professional Model
  70. One of the quickest ways and least painful ways to get what you want is to model someone that is already successful in what you'd like to do. You don't have to be a carbon copy of them, be your own unique self. However, you can pick up tips, tricks and techniques that they used along the way that helped them get to the position that you'd like to be. Maybe you esteem to be even more influential and have more success then who you model. GO FOR IT!

  71. Face Popped
  72. Struggling to lose weight; make your sandwich or burger an open faced sandwich (take the top bun/bread off). Cutting out wheat can help lean your body out and tell it not to store fat. Also switch to diet pop if your hooked on pop, better yet stop drinking pop. You can slow roll your way off it by switching to diet then splash the top off with real pop for flavor, eventually switching to tea then water.

  73. Have Mercy
  74. Your partner, your family, your kids, your coworker or your friend are eventually going to upset you. Have mercy on them and reflect on times that you made a mistake. Forgive them and move on. Make peace and get a long with everyone that you can.

  75. Good Music
  76. Your mood and production can increase greatly if you put on some good music. If your a Star Wars fan give the Star Wars Radio Station a like on Apple Music, or your favorite music provider. Something that is going to improve your mood and make the day that much better.

  77. Stay Focused
  78. Today more then ever it's important to stay focused. We have so many choices and options that ADD is really crept up in all of us because there are so many distractions available when just 30-40 years ago the choices were very limited. Try to stay on task for something at least for fifteen to sixty minutes then take a short break and get focused again.

  79. Ask For Help
  80. Ever since we were very little we always wanted to do everything on our own me me me I do it, but don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you're stuck. Many times people are more than eager to help you out with a lending a hand.

  81. Meditate
  82. Take one to fifteen minute breathing or relaxing meditation break. We tense up through the day as our responsibilities start to pile up or maybe just one is giving you a headache or strain in your neck. Find some peace and energy through meditation breathing, guides or music.

  83. Keep The Law
  84. Even if you don't get caught breaking the law the stress and worry just isn't worth it. Plus normally your causing suffering for the rest of us. If you do get caught is losing your family really worth the risk. If your single you maybe thinking what have I got to lose, freedom isn't overrated. Keep the law and enjoy your freedom.

  85. Drink Water
  86. Sometimes when we are lethargic or low on energy we just need to hydrate. Liven it up with a lemon or lime. Water is mostly free anywhere so make your free friend your best of buddies it can only help you.

  87. Get Some Sleep
  88. If we don't get proper rest we aren't going to be prepared for the day. I know we all have a lot we need to get done. Some can get by on six hours, some seven, some eight hours or more of sleep, find your sweet spot and see how much better you feel when you start hitting your sweet spot. Do your best to go to sleep at the same time and get up at the same time everyday. Get in a sleep routine. :)

  89. Pray To God
  90. Have you ever heard a closed mouth doesn't get fed. Not only should we be praying for ourselves, let's also pray for others, and pray or bless God; the one who gives everything. Petition God for His help in whatever is bothering you, whatever your goals are. Even if it's something as simple as I need a new outfit for an occasion or I'm not sure if I should get gas across the block or the gas station a few blocks up. God is interested in anything you are willing to bring to Him. Let Him know how your doing and how you feel about Him, be honest. If God isn't your favorite person let Him know why and ask Him if he can give you understanding from His perspective, He might just offer some insight.

  91. Get Out Of Rut
  92. Sometimes we feel stuck like no matter what we do things aren't going to change. If you don't give up on your dreams and your goals you can get out of that rut, it may not happen today, tomorrow, this month or even this year. If you're persistent and do something nearly everyday that can you get you out of that rut you will get out of that rut. One day a breakthrough can happen to you. Keep moving forward, don't give up, things can change for the better.

  93. Live Your Dream
  94. Don't dream your life. Live your dream. We can daydream all we want, but daydreaming doesn't make your dream come true. Get working on making your dream come true.

  95. Buy Something Nice
  96. At least four times a year buy yourself something nice to reward yourself for your hard work. Whether that be a new computer, new shoes, new dress, a DVD, a music album. Make it something that is going to reinforce why you work. There is a song that goes something like for every hour I work I need an hour of play. Enjoy your hard work efforts.

  97. Team Up
  98. Finding it difficult to get things done on your own, then think about trying to find a partner that is going to help motivate you and fill in the gaps where you might have weakness. Two or more is better. If you're interested in helping out with this site you can find me on Youtube under PGFracing.

  99. Get Up
  100. We all get knocked down and feel like we just can't go any further at sometimes. God doesn't give us more than we can handle, however at times it's hard to understand our troubles can be quite severe. Have faith and dust yourself off and try again.

  101. God Is Real
  102. Read A Book
  103. If we don't plant new seeds into our heads, it's going to be difficult to get the creative juices flowing. There aren't many original ideas, most ideas are a twist or improvement on someone else's idea. Shoot to read one book a month. It's never been easier to carry several books with you either on your phone or tablet. Get educated focus on a certain subject can really boost you.

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  104. Brush & Floss
  105. Taking care of your teeth is going to save you money, pain, suffering and time. Also can help keep you healthier and give you more confidence. Floss, brush, rinse and brush. I believe they recommend brushing three times a day and flossing once a day. Do your best and improve, if your not brushing everyday move up to every day, then twice a day, three times a day, if your flossing once a month start improving leave yourself a reminder on your phone to prompt you to floss and brush each day.

  106. Minimalist Living
  107. Too much stuff leads to a lot of time consumption keeping up and organizing or finding storage for it when you don't use it. Start to give away things you don't need or sell them on eBay or Craigslist. Get by with what you need and what makes you happy. Don't be a junk collector.

  108. Don't Do Drugs
  109. Drugs weaken you not strengthen you. They may seem fun in all reality they lead you to darkness. If you skip an experience in life this is one area you won't regret skipping when you are near the end of this life time.

  110. Talk With A Friend
  111. It can be an encouragement to talk with a friend. It really doesn't matter what the subject just having a good old fashion conversation brightens both your day. You normally feel refreshed and encouraged to take on more of life. Life isn't always a walk in the park sometimes it's a tie iron to the face. Do yourself a favor call a friend, better in person over food or drink.

  112. Junk Phone Number
  113. My phone was blowing up because I used my cell phone number on something that required a phone number and I definitely didn't want to to give out my house phone number. I know some only have cell phones only or just one phone so this is even a nicer option for those. Register for Google Voice, you'll need to associate a phone number with it initially but you can remove that so all calls just go to Internet voice mail. Best part it's currently a free service provided by Google.

  114. An Extra Straw
  115. You break your straw from that drive thru Starbucks or quick drive thru and your down your road and you can't drink your drink. Do yourself a favor ask for an extra straw next time, or grab an extra straw and throw it in your glove box.

  116. When You Fail
  117. Sometimes it seems as though even when we keep trying on our goals things just don't work out; keep persevering. Perseverance always wins out over skill and talent. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ― Confucius, Confucius: The Analects

  118. Have A Laugh
  119. Get a break and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself or something. Listen to the comedy radio station on Sirius Satellite, watch a Youtube comedy skit, or put on some Netflix and get a few good belly laughs. A good comedy can bring healing to a hurting soul.

  120. Find Alternatives
  121. When one way or product isn't working for you find another method that can help you reach your goals. Maybe it's a different product that isn't exactly the way you imagined, however something different would be just as good if not better when you are willing to give it a try. There is normally more then one way to chop down a tree. Don't get stuck in my way or the highway. There are a lot of roads out that there that can lead to hidden gems and treasures.

  122. Enjoy Yourself
  123. Keep positive and keep a light heart, don't take life to seriously and enjoy the little things in life, like music, nature, friends, family, alone time, a cup of coffee, a good book or whatever it is that makes you happy enjoy yourself and life. Love live it!

  124. Eat Together
  125. Something about sitting down together and sharing a meal creates an atmosphere for conversation and smiles. It's an opportunity for us to talk about our day or share our lives together. It's a time for laughter and socialization that brings joy/smiles to our faces. Put the phone down and enjoy some quality time together.

  126. Work w/ Creditors
  127. If you got to the point where you can't pay your bills and you're getting phone calls from creditors answer the phone call don't dodge it. Just be honest with them what you can and can't pay. One it will stop the phone from ringing, but more importantly your worries will be subsided and you'll feel you have a sense of hope. Try to make a game plan with them that you know you can meet, also there maybe special arrangements if your in a financial hardship like you have you have lost your job ask about this as well. If you haven't paid in seven years if I'm not mistaken they can't still collect on some types of debt please search into this more before paying or not paying on debts over seven years. I am not a financial expert just sharing my experiences in life here. It can take a long time to reestablish good credit. Just be honest do your best and don't over commit to what you can do also leave yourself some fudge room because we normally spend more than we plan on. It's better to work with your creditor then to have it go to a debt collector. If it does go to a debt collector still work with the debt collector that way you don't end experience court fees and missed time from your a better life then spending your time in court.

  128. Listen To Spirit
  129. If God's Spirit is telling you to do something do it as long as it doesn't go against His Word, as long as it doesn't hurt someone else and long as it doesn't hurt yourself. God is here to help you, you've got a friend in Jesus.

  130. You're A Warrior
  131. You've got more in you than you know. God is on your side; nothing can defeat your dreams when you give your dreams to God. Then your dreams become bigger than your dreams and you come to glorify God.

  132. Reinvest Profits
  133. World Never Ends
  134. Misguided Christians have been saying that the world is going to end several times throughout history since Christ death resurrection. Take comfort and give comfort to your kids and yourself that the world is never going to end.

  135. Never Give Up
  136. Take some chances in life. You still got time to go after your dream(s). Don't give up. If you're living and breathing you got time to go after your dream. Keep pressing forward towards your dream. Take a step towards your dream today. It's time to live! Don't dream your life. Live your dream.

  137. Hard Work
  138. Get in there and get the work done. Be the best worker you know. Be ahead of the rest get the best results and improve your results. Nothing wrong with working hard although it's good to work smart too.

  139. Keys & Billfold
  140. Put your keys and billfold in a dedicated spot together. This will save you time in the endless search of where did i put my keys or wallet

  141. 100 Day Challenge
  142. I’ve been wanting to get to my ideal weight before my birthday coming up. There are 124 days until then so still have time to complete a 100 Day challenge. Basically just a little over a 1/4 of year you can challenge yourself to give 100% or 100 days. My challenge will be to complete Body For Life, which is a combination of eating right and excercising. What can you challenge yoursefl to do in the next 100 Days?

  143. 10% Improvement
  144. Whatever your struggling with you can greatly improve in just a decade with the 10% improvement theory. If your making $25,000 this year or your weighing 300lbs and you want to get to where you’re getting closer to your goals strive for 10% improvent and in decade you’ll be 100% above where you are now, no matter what don’t give up and get started so next year you can say you did better and are better off then the year before.

  145. Like Starbucks
  146. You can save at Starbucks by getting an iced coffee instead of a hot coffee. You will normally save about $1.50 to $2 dollars per cup of coffee. Five coffees a week saves you around $500 a year.

  147. Phone Reminders
  148. Set reminders on your phone to prompt you to do daily tasks, not just honey to list or highly important things. These prompts are great for flossing, cleaning your house, feed your pet, shower, workout or any tasks you know you should do but your consistency could be better.