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A Better Way Of Life

crossWe all want to feel like we are headed in the right direction and things are improving. Many times we are so out of control we are just getting by day to day and each day is repeat of the previous day not much change. We are kind of stuck in what people call a rut. First I'd like to say having a relationship with God is going to be the most important part of your life and can certainly help you out of a rut and give you peace when your going through them. stands for Put God First racing. It is a reminder for me to Put God First in everything. Racing used to be my God and I didn't give credit to God for anything including my success in racing. Eventually I realized God is the provider of all. After you have a relationship with God and spend time with him daily in prayer and Bible study we also want to focus on other parts of our lives such as Health, Wealth, Relationships and Adventure.


Health is going to be one of the most important things about our lives. Without health we wither and pass away sooner then our time on earth should be. Currently I struggle with my health I'm overweight. Like many people I wasn't always overweight. This is not only a place to find comfort, but a place to encourage you and myself to do better in all the areas of our lives with balance. (Prayer For Weightloss)

The biggest area I struggle in is probably eating the wrong foods. I know there are apps like my fitness pal that help track your food and calories and I know there are diets that allow you to eat about as much as you want if you are low carb. I just find it difficult to succeed and do either of those because of laziness on my part when it comes to tracking food and the low carb diet is so expensive I tell myself. My other excuses include I don't have time to cook at home or I'm too busy so I need to eat out. You know what they say excuses are a dime a dozen. So let's stop the excuses. To stop the excuses we basically have to do the opposite of our excuse or replace good behaviors with our bad ones. Create new experiences that we get joy from.

My top three health excuses

Be honest with yourself what are your top three excuses. More then likely they are something similar to mine. Once you know what your top three excuses are you need to put together day of no excuses, a week of no excuses, and a month of no excuses, a quarter of no excuses and eventually it becomes a lifestyle of good behavior.

I'm currently weighing in at about 240 pounds, about 60 pounds over weight. If you ever lifted a 20 pound bag of dog food, cat food, or salt pellets you'll know that is fairly heavy. So my heart and my joints are working over time. I'm currently 44 years old. It's time to end the excuses.

Update* I actually got up to about 247 and decided to start eating Keto Paleo or Low Carb whatever you want to call it about three days ago. I've been eating plently and not going hungry whatsoever. It seems to be working; I'm not limiting how much I eat and I'm back down to 240 pounds. I'm hoping to stick with this for 180 days before my birthday. To see what I'm eating click here ( 100 Keto Paleo Low Carb Meals ).

Shall we play a game

I think we need to make this fun and keep it as a friendly competition. There is an app called Habit Bull and it's available for the iPhone and Droid phones. You get five or so free habits you'd like to create so no excuses. Look at your top excuse and make that your first habit you want to create in your life. Example for me is I eat out to much so my first habit that I've created is Eat At Home. It's summer time you have approximaterly 180 days to turn your life around and do a 180 before Winter of 2017. Keep your habits in a positive connotation. I could put my habit as don't eat out. It's easier for us to do something positive like Eat At Home as opposed to do not eat out. When we tell ourselves not to do something we naturally want to do the opposite. The app recommends 66 days in a row to form a habit. How many days in a row can you do your new habit. Shoot for 7 days minimum and see how you feel after seven days with your new habit.


Wealth is probably most people's frustration. First off I'd just like to say that just imagine yourself living a 100 years ago. More than likely you are living like a king and queen compared to the billions of people who lived previously to you. If your reading this probably means your quite wealthy in all reality. Yes you may not have the latest iPhone, computer, biggest house or shiniest car, but you are far richer than majority of mankind has ever been. A lot of times we want to make more money, when in reality we just need to budget better what we have. Below you will see my seven steps to financial freedom.

7 Steps To Financial Freedom

  1. Get A Job - Nearly Any Job Is Better Than No Job
  2. Create A Budget
  3. Depending on your situation your budget at minimum should be your monthly income minus your monthly expenses. Whatever is left over divide that by 30 and you have your daily spending limit. Don't spend more than that each day. This is minimalist budget it won't get you moving forward, but will get you started. If any left over take 10% of what's left that and give it away, also take 10% of what is left over and put in rainy day fund. Updated: found a nice budget app that tells you how much you can spend a day and also has a savings plan, which you should be putting into something that bears interest. The Original Daily Budget App
  4. Start eliminating expenses until your income is greater than your expenses.
  5. If your in debt I highly recommend making it a priority to get out of debt. If you have an iPhone I highly recommend the PowerPay app, if not you can also use their website.
  6. Give 10% To The Poor Or Good Cause
  7. Put 10% Of Your Paycheck Into Interest Earning Account
  8. If Your Employer Offers 401K Matching Do The Max
  9. Reward Yourself With Something Nice At Least 4 Times A Year


Relationships are normally a mirror of yourself. What you get out of the relationship will be what you put in. Obviously there are two key components to a relationship; time and quality. You can spend a lot of time with someone for example you could spend 24 hours a day watching television together. Yes you spent time together however how would that rank on quality time. Nothing wrong with watching a show or movie together, however you want to make sure quality time is included such as new experiences together and talking. There are basically four types of relationships.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Spouse or Dating
  4. Peers or Coworkers

These four will play a large part on how happy you are. Those that have better relationships with others are generally more happy. Of course we need alone time to reflect upon ourselves, however we don't want to become to secluded and not spend time with others. Every person is going to be different on how much together time versus alone time we need. Find a balance that works for you. Treat everyone with respect, love, patience and kindness. When we get angry for no reason apologize and when you are angry with reason give the person a chance to make right the wrong, but let them know how they offended you.

If your having a difficult time connecting try the Meetup website or app, find something that interest you. It's a lot easier to connect with others when you share a common interest.

.How To Stop Be Being Bored

Adventure is about living a way where you try new things that you haven't done before. Yes many things that you might want to do cost money and you may not have the money to do the things you'd like to do. For example for me I'd like to go racing every weekend. It's a nice adventure your somewhere different, the weather conditions are different, a lot of times the competitors are different. Your more prepared week after week so your different. Then you have things that are on the opposite end like ball sports, very inexpensive and fun. There are many sports to pick up that don't cost a lot of money. If your not the sports type pick up a hobby that you enjoy or would like to learn. Be willing to step out and a limb and have the limb break off once in a while. No one becomes an expert on their first, second or third try. It's going to take many many tries and more than likely you'll never become an expert. Just enjoy the new experiences and new people. If you get to bored it probably means you need some new goals. Take out a paper or your notepad on your computer/phone and write down 21 goals.

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