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iOS Development

- This page is dedicated to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ :)

My Adventure In Learning iOS Development

Last year I bought a Apple Mac Mini with 8GB of RAM, just one of the cheapest MAC you can buy new other then the RAM upgrade. I was and am on a budget, but wanted to learn how to make iOS App for the iPhone. I really prefer the iPhone over the Android. The reason I bought the Mac is because it works with the iPhone. I was quite surprised how well the iPhone talks with the MAC it is quite nice and highly recommended. So now it's about a year and half later and I really haven't learned much other then how to open up Xcode, the software program created by Apple you'll need to make iPhone Apps. Basically the approach I used is a common one read a little watch some Youtube videos and copy what others are doing. While you do comprehend a little doing this way the keyword here is little. I wanted to make this site/page different then others that actually gave myself/you and understanding of what your actually doing that way you can create something from your mind. One thing I've learned is that you definitely want a Solid State Drive when or if you buy a Mac to do Xcode. Without the SSD Xcode is very slow and frustating to run on the Mac.

So Let's Get Started In iOS App Development

Step 1 Get Xcode

After you got your mac computer setup or use of one at your library, school or tech center you're going to need the software, Xcode to create apps.

Understanding the Xcode interface by

What Is A Variable?

Step 2 Learn Definitions

You'll need to understand what is a variable is to do Objective programming. The programming language that Apple created is called Swift, this is the programming language you'll need to create iOS apps. iOS development can either be for your MAC, iPhone or iPad. Some of the terms that we will learn are used in several programming languages. I wanted to comprehend what some of terms are so I could understand what I'm doing instead of just being a robot copying Youtube video and web pages.

For review a variable can change, you can name variable about anything you want, it's basically a way of renaming something shorter, for example if I want to It' your birthday I could say x = It's your birthday. Then if I want to recall the phrase "It's your birthday" I could just use "x" instead.

There are five types of variables

  1. INT or Integer - which is a positive or negative whole number or 0, such as -1, 0 , 1.
  2. DOUBLE, FLOAT, LONG - which I'm not sure what the difference is yet other than they store decimals. More to com on this
  3. CHAR - This can store letters and characters such as a,b,c, $ not sure about the character $ that is my interpretation as of today.
  4. STRING - These can store information for words such as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (probably missed the spelling on that)
  5. BOOL - Boolean values can either be true or false, Such as theappleisred = true. Well that's my current understanding keep in mind I have very little experience.

In Swift you use var to define a what you want your variable to be for example:

var myAge = 44

In the above example you use var the words myAge can be anything ( in my case I used my age 44 ) you want to name it however if it's descriptive of what you are actually defining it makes it easier for you to code along and others to help with your code.

How is a constant different from a variable?

What's the difference between implicit and explicit?

What Can You Do With Programming

First Little Program A Simple Monthly Budget

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