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100 Things To Do In Life With Your Kids

  1. Read The Word Together (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
  2. Build A Fort In The House Out Of Blankets And Chairs
  3. Play Football
  4. Plant A Garden
  5. Roast Marshmallows
  6. Make Pancakes From Scratch
  7. Play Outside With Toy Guns
  8. Water Gun Fight
  9. Water Balloon Bombs
  10. Make A Volcano With Clay w/Food Coloring & Vinegar & Baking Soda
  11. Play With A Pet
  12. Draw On Paper
  13. Draw On The Computer
  14. Write 30 Things About Yourself, Or Family Member
  15. Play Video Games Together
  16. Play Board Games Together
  17. Play Card Games Together
  18. Work At A Volunteer Shelter Together For A Day or Few Hours
  19. Deliver Papers Together
  20. Make A Short Story Book With Pictures
  21. Play Baseball
  22. Play Soccer
  23. Play Tennis
  24. Learn To Swim/Go Swimming
  25. Ride Your Bike/Learn To Ride A Bike
  26. Take Pictures With Your Camera
  27. Make A Collage
  28. Read A Book
  29. Go Fishing
  30. Play Chess Together
  31. Go To The Goodwill or Thrift Store And Do Some Shopping
  32. Build A Bird House
  33. Make Lemonade/Orange Juice/Watermelon Juice From Scratch
  34. Make Grilled Cheese Together
  35. Go On A Picnic
  36. Make A Web Page
  37. Build A Paper Airplane
  38. Build A Toy Gun Out Of A Pizza Box
  39. Build A Water Rocket Out Of A Two Liter Bottle
  40. Build An Ant Trap Or Mouse Trap
  41. Catch Lightning Bugs, Grasshopper, Butterfly, Frog
  42. Play Tag
  43. Play Hide N Go Seek
  44. Watch Cartoons
  45. Watch A Movie
  46. Do A Puzzle Together
  47. RC Car/Truck Racing
  48. BMX Racing
  49. Go Camping
  50. Build A Derby Car
  51. Join/Participate In BoyScouts
  52. Build Legos
  53. Erector Set
  54. Lincoln Logs
  55. Rubiks Cube
  56. Go To An Imax Movie
  57. Go To The Zoo
  58. Make Bread From Scratch
  59. Noodles From Scratch
  60. Brownies/Cake
  61. Go For A Walk
  62. Go For A Hike
  63. Listen To Some Music And Dance
  64. Make Up A Song
  65. Setup A Pinyata
  66. Pray Together
  67. Make Hot Chocolate & Maybe Coffee For The Adult
  68. Go Sledding
  69. Go To Circus
  70. Go To Carnival
  71. Go To Disneyland
  72. Go To Seaworld
  73. Go On A Boat or Sailboat
  74. Go On A Ferry Boat
  75. Go On A Plane
  76. Go On Vacation Like Mt Rushmore Or Yellowstone
  77. Learn To Ski
  78. Start A Piggy Bank Savings
  79. Invest In The Stock Market Together
  80. Play Ping Pong Together
  81. Play Pool
  82. Play Foolsball
  83. Play Darts (plastic) or Real If Old Enough
  84. Bowling
  85. Recycle
  86. Plant A Tree
  87. Grocery Shop Together
  88. Paint A Bicycle, Rock, Picture, MailBox, Or Whatever
  89. Play An Instrument Like Piano Or Guitar
  90. Pray To Yah!
  91. Tell Each Other Your Fears
  92. Vacation Together
  93. Try A New Fruit or Vegetable
  94. Bowling
  95. Arcade
  96. Rafting
  97. Tubing
  98. Waterpark
  99. Amusement Park
  100. Read Bible Together