Lots of times we think we need money however there is a lot more to life then money when it comes to freedom. Freedom to think is huge!

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God gives and takes away!

Being near God's creations gives us a sense of freedom, especially the mountains and the ocean beaches. Two things one must do in their life time is see these great creations. Lord willing.

Gifts Of God

This was a great time in my life, scrapping by on selling stuff on ebay and my sons mom working near minimum wage. We didn't have a lot but we had the freedom of our own place for a while and sunrises like this just off the corner of a trailer house.

fourteen and driving

Freedom as a fourteen year old driving a car like this in area in the midwest where the roads are less traveled opens some freedoms that your not going to get in the city. Thank God for our safety as freedom was being crazy and having fun.

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