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End The Excuses

No Fast Food For 30 Days

This person did such a good job giving us a no excuses starting point for fitness I had to share.

There really are no excuses. While labeled disabled these people are putting forth more effort then a lot of us. Let's end the excuses.

My Excuses With The No Excuse Action Plan

  1. Pray To God For His Help Because Trying To Do It With Our Own Strength Will Eventually Fail
  2. Good Food Is To Expensive - Action Do Not Eat Out Go To Grocery Store And Get What I Can Afford For Same Money It Would Cost For Fast Food Meal
  3. Don't Have Time To Cook - Action, buy foods that are ready to eat raw like vegetables and fruits, also quick to heat meals (not microwaveable preferrably)
  4. Too Much Work To Track Food - Pray As Not Sure What The Answer Is Here