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Earth Never Destroyed

Earth Never Destroyed Ecc 1.4 Psa 78.69

Unrighteous Will Be Burned The Righteous Will Remain Psa 37.9 Rom 9.28 2Pe 3.13

Earth Is Destroyed Isa 51.6 2Pe 3.7 Isa 24.20 Earth Is Referring To The People Just Like The New Heavens (Angels Kicked Out/Destroyed From Heaven) New Earth (Apostate Israel Destroyed) T

he Word definitely says the earth will be destroyed Isa 51.6 and the Word definitely says the earth will not be destroyed Psa 78.69. So what is going on here, is the Bible the Word of God a double minded God? How should we understand these phrases?

Let’s look at another example before getting proper understanding and context. The earth and heavens will be destroyed 2Pe 3.7 and the earth will never be destroyed Ecc 1.4. In 2 Peter 3 it says, that the elements will be burned with fire 2Pe 3.10 . To properly understand what is going on here we need to see that after the destruction of the earth the righteous and unrighteous would still be around, although the unrighteous would have punishment. We see a little bit of the righteous still being around in Isa 65.8 . The implication here is do not destroy all of the cluster of grapes including those who are unrighteous. Who are the unrighteous that are going to be punished? We see the answer in Isa 65.11-12. So we see that it’s not all the unrighteous who are going to be destroyed but those who Yah called on and did not answer who will be destroyed. The point that not all unrighteous are consumed or burned up is confirmed in Rev 22.15 after the New Heavens and New Earth are created there are still those who are outside the gates who can’t get into Heaven’s gates.

Contrary to modern opinion and teachings not all unrighteous will be destroyed off the face of the earth. In Isaiah 1 we see that it is Jerusalem, those against Christ, were burned in the 70AD Destruction. These were the unrighteous who were burned up. Jerusalem is called a prostitute Isa 1.21 also confirmed in Rev 17.1 who is being judge and who is burned with fire Rev 17.16. So when the Bible or the Word of God says the earth will be destroyed the earth is referring to Jerusalem that will be burned with a fire not that the whole earth will be burned. That is why in other scriptures we see that the earth referring to the whole earth will last forever and never be destroyed.

On last note what it’s the elements that are burned up and where else do we see the word element used in Word of God. We see it Galatians in Gal 4.3 and Gal 4.9 , which many realize these elements that are being done away with are the Old Testament laws. These elements are the ones being burned up in 2Pe 3.10 and 2Pe 3.12 when the the efire and destruction comes onto Jerusalem in 70AD the former things, elements or the Old Testament laws and the sins against the Old Testament Laws are remembered no more Isa 65.17. Dan 7.14 Joe 3.20 Isa 33.20 Gen 8.20-21 Gen 6.5-7 Mar 13.19 Dan 2.44 Gen 9.11-12 Luk 1.32-33 Eze 37.26 Isa 45.17 Isa 35.10 Jer 31.40 Psa 148.3-6