I believe life comes down to four areas.

First our God relationship. Will we trust YHWH to be our guide. This is a lot harder then it sounds. A lot of the times we fill our minds with worry, negative and anxious thoughts instead of keeping our focus on God and believing what he says is true.

Second our health. When our health is not at optimum nearly all others of life can suffer. A lot of us struggle with our true health not just what we see on the outside but true inner health energy.

Third is our relationships. Finding joy with ourselves, family and friends is difficult with modern day society time constraints. We are social beings and we are made to connect with others.

Fourth our freedom. While most people might say money is the third part of life it's really the freedom we want to be able to do whatever we want and when we want is our main desire. Yes money plays a factor in making freedom possible. What is it that you like to do? For me I like to go racing or anything that involves wheels and goes fast. Here is some of my early days.

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The purpose of this site is to serve as reminder to myself and my readers that life can get better if we focus on the right things. Each section has seven keys or action steps that we can fall back on in times of trouble and encouragement when things are going good. Using the keys will unlock the doors to even better days, months, and years for both of us.

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God Relationship

  1. Faith Comes By Hearing
  1. Believing God's Promises
  2. Confess & Be Baptized
  3. Put On The Armour Of God
  4. Love God And Your Neighbor
  5. Renew Your Mind
  6. Peace Of God

I Am Healthy

  1. Believe You Are A Healthy Person
  2. Read Books On Being Healthy
  3. Exercise 30 Minutes 6 Days A Week
  4. Eat A Whole Food Based Diet
  5. Prayer And Meditation
  6. Balance Of Work And Play
  7. Get Around Like Minded Healthy People

Relationships Of Joy

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Love Your Family
  3. Love Your Children
  4. Love Your Friends
  5. Love Your Coworkers
  6. Love Your Acquaintances
  7. Love Your Pets

Free To Live Life To The Full

  1. Read The Four Hour Work Week
  2. Freedom To Do Whatever You Want
  3. Set Goals And Follow Through
  4. Minimize Your Life Simplify
  5. Get The Daily Budget App
  6. Write Dream Day, Month, Year
  7. Inspire Others Through Your Actions

100 Keys To Life

100 Ways To Eat Cheap And Healthy

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